Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bored of Trade, thank you!

DUDES, the first Bored of Trade was a total success. Cozy, warm atmosphere with lots of high fives and hugs. I recieved so much positive feedback that my cheeks are still blushing. I will be having this way more frequently than i had originally thought (will you guys be around late June?)

Also! I was able to finally shake the hands of the Listopad Ladies who were kind enough to give us some MAD PROPS on their lovely blog:

Photos by Liz Gorman:


these arrived on my doorstep yesterday:

i win.

Sorry About Your Wall

Do you guys remember that graffiti on the wall across the street from Napoleon?

"Sorry about your wall" it read, in nice, precise handwriting. It has since been painted over, and upon some further inspection and research, i wonder... you think it could have been Mike Mills (probably not, but WHAT IF)? Check out this documentation exhibit of his graffiti:

Mills is an artist/filmmaker (including Thumbsucker back in 2005 and a boatload of genuinely interesting documentaries). He has directed music videos for the likes of Yoko Ono, Air, Blonde Readhead, cover art for Sonic Youth, Air, etc. His most interesting/extensive/recent project is "Humans", which embraces art, fashion, relationships, and culture. You can check out his work, the retail collection, the prints, the blog, etc, here:

He probably has so many other important goals to fulfill besides writing such things on white walls of Adams Morgan, but I would like to believe that he graced us with his hand and can of spray paint.

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