Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Raveonettes Beauty Dies EP

Last month The Raveonettes started their series of digital releases of remixed songs from their Lust Lust Lust album. Today marks the second release, the Beauty Dies EP. Find it here: and lets hope that the rest of the day won't be as shitty as my shitty morning.

Seriously, I'm not even exaggerating. the SHITTIEST. wtf, Karma!?

Friday, October 17, 2008

Drink Up Buttercup

Last Friday night at Iota we gleefully welcomed Middle Distance Runner back from their extended hiatus. It was a pretty cozy evening. Having New Rock Church of Fire on the bill guaranteed that friendship, old acquaintances and hugs would be in abundance. The outcome of having a fun night was inevitable, but there was one huge surprise.

The out-of-towners opening for both local bands weren't your run-of-the-mill filler act. They were GREAT. Drink Up Buttercup is a quartet from Philadelphia who's major influences, according to them, include "artificial orange flavoring, conical shaped party hats, disguise able sized alcohol containers, the gratuitous use of markers, the sound of something wood hitting something steel, plastic, porcelain, paper based, skin related, and or something else wooden, yard sales + the mere termites of life." Their sound is a whimsical mix of Animal Collective, A Band of Bees, the Beatles , and at times even remind me a bit of local DC favorites, Greenland. Blend all of these together, drink some whiskey and eat some mushrooms while walking through a carnival fun house (not recomended) and you've got Drink Up Buttercup.

These boys will not only be performing at CMJ this year, but will be in DC on November 1st at the Black Cat with Bishop Allen. I highly recommend checking these gents out.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Somethin in the Works

DC needs a rockabilly night, no?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sleepy Hollow and Walden Pond

"Above man's aims his nature rose.
The wisdom of a just content
Made one small spot a continent,
And turned to poetry life's prose."
-Louisa May Alcott on Thoreau

Monday, October 6, 2008

Ditty Bops

This video post was inspired by Jess' show tonight. Her new band, Vox Pop, is a little bit country and a quite adorable. It also reminds me of the Ditty Bops-esque duo that was to be formed by Melissa and I (tentatively called "Waiting for Buckley"). Hey Mel, there's no time like the present...

Also, does anyone know why the Red & the Black lost their entertainment license?

Friday, October 3, 2008

New Kids- Recap

It's 6pm the evening of the New Kids show in DC. You are sitting down drinking a Stella when you feel the ground start to shake. Ripples form in your beer from the vibrations, just like Jurassic Park. You glance up and see the horizon growing imminently closer. "What is that?" That, my friend, was the stampede of late-twenties women, spreading themselves around Chinatown like greedy cockroaches, most of them adorning I Heart Joey and NKOTB baby tees, screaming at the top of their lungs.

I was one of them. (minus the baby tee)

We made it up to our suite quickly, as we were running a bit late and didn't want to miss anything. Luckily, Natasha Something-or-Other opened the show. I recognized some of her songs, but could not have cared any less. After a brief intermission, the lights dimmed and everyone lost it. All audience members became a character of their 11 year-old selves. NKOTB played only a couple of new songs *thank god* and loaded up their set with material that they KNEW would make us cry tears of joy and a pretty amazing wardrobe change into matching white suits. It was the best time everrrrr. At one point, I broke out of the suite and tried to pump up the crowd. People weren't really interested.

When everything was said and done, we had made our way to the 6th street side of theVerizon Center where there was a huge crowd waiting to catch a glimpse of their tour bus. This one chick tried to tell me that Donnie kissed her on the lips (big fat liar) and after that, well, I just can't remember much.

I was planning on actually critiquing the show in some sort of organized manner, but we thought it would be a good idea to do a couple rounds of shots after drinking some pints before the show, leaving me in a state of utter bliss and completely incapable of paying attention to much of anything. All I know is that we all had a blast and I am so glad I got to share it with Caitlyn Walters, who I have known for 20 years and who listened to her first New Kids tape with me! xoxoxo

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Please Don't Go Girl....

....But I HAVE to go! That's right, I have free suite tickets for tonight's New Kids on the Block concert. Let's hope their joints don't swell up while they are attempting their poorly choreographed dance moves. Let's also hope that they don't play many new songs. "Why? " you might ask "I hear they have some fresh material". Well, friends, peep THIS monstrosity:

On that note, I depart. Tomorrow I will give you a full briefing of what happened at the show.

P.S. yes, i am aware that I chose NKOTB over the VP debates, but you KNOW it'll be all over the internets tomorrow. NO WORRIES, I have thought this through.

Fashion Inspiration

Again, all pulled from Facehunter.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sonic Circuits

We are already a few days in and I have been too dang busy to warn you about the presence of DC SONIC CIRCUITS.

The Sonic Circuits Festival of Experimental Music was initiated by the American Composers Forum (ACF) to provide DC’s music and art communities with the opportunity to sample experimental and avant-garde electronic music, with an emphasis on improvisation and artistic use of new technologies.

Now heading into its eighth year, the Washington DC chapter of the ACF has expanded the scope of the festival to include electroacoustic compositions, experimental jazz, noise rock, electronic drone and experimental folk, as well as live video and film programs.

Sonic Circuits seeks to foster the spirit of collaboration through the diversity of participating artists, and its varied programming appeals to arts enthusiasts of all types.

The festival is scheduled to take place September 28 - October 5, 2008 at the Velvet Lounge, National Museum of Women in the Arts, George Washington University in Washington DC, & Pyramid Atlantic in downtown Silver Spring.

From the Velvet Lounge schedule ( ):

Wednesday 10.01.08
Paul Flaherty/Randall Colbourne Duo, Elliott Levin/Dan Scofield/Aaron Martin/Britton Powell/Scott Verrastro Quintet, Ride the Big Bull w/ Marty McCavitt, KBD
$8/doors at 9pm/18+

Thursday 10.02.08
Pacific 231, Suzanne Thorpe (ex-Mercury Rev) & Philip White, El Mapi & Matterlink, Northern Machine, Worms in Dirt
$8/doors at 9pm/18+

Friday 10.03.08
Sonic Circuits DC
Dead Science (Constellation Records), Food For Animals, okok, Mind Over Matter Music Over Mind
$8/doors at 9pm/18+

Saturday 10.04.08
Doors at 3pm
Matmos (Matador), Andrea Parkins, Mattin, Haptic, Jason Kahn & Jon Mueller, Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words, David Watson, Trio Chroch (Denmark, electro-acoustic avant-jazz), Josef van Wissem (Holland, solo lute), Phog Masheen, Second Land, Caustic Castle, RDK, Myo, Polyphasic, Soft Pieces
$10/doors at 2:30pm/18+

Photos from last years Sonic Circuits, at Warehouse

Noveller of Brooklyn

Twilight Memories of the Three Suns