Monday, March 31, 2008

Show Photos: Matt and Kim

Catch the bigger files and a few other shots on my flickr (link to the right):

Science According to Dave

Even though mother nature is being relentlessly gloomy and cold (wtf), this week's Science According to Dave is an attempt to will spring to show its happy face. The topic? BBQing. The science of barbecuing, to be exact. Dave takes you on an Alton Brown-esque journey through the science behind one of your favorite spring and summer activities.

Ever stare at your perfectly barbecued steak or ribs and wonder exactly what happens to the meat as it is being cooked?


When you BBQ meat you're breaking down the collagen in it by a slow chemical process. That's why it gets tenderized at the end. The collagen is what normally holds the tissues together, and the smoke slowly denatures the enzymatic bonds and causes the meat to pull apart easily. Essentially bbqing is like unraveling a sweater made out of protein. You're grabbing a thread and slowly pulling it apart.

When you grill something you're not allowing for even dispersion of the heat, but when you BBQ properly the thermal process is carried out evenly by convection almost the opposite of grilling
The heat goes from the inside to the outside, and on the outside, the myoglobin that was part of holding the meat together joins with nitrites in the muscle tissue and forms a bright pink chemical called nitrosohemochrome.

It's also why you have to cook bigger pieces of meat for longer, and why ribs are often bbqed.
The bones inside the ribs, when properly heated over time, create a secondary heat source. The ceramic (bone) is good at heating to a constant temperature and maintaining that heat over time.

So with ribs, you can have 12 lbs or 3 lbs, and their won't be much variation in cooking time.
Unlike with a roast, where the amount of heat is proportional to the weight of the meat. They don't have, essentially, heat sources throughout the meat.

Show Review: Matt & Kim and The Raveonettes

Matt & Kim should have been a really amazing hilarious party time. I've seen pictures of their shows in New York, Richmond, Baltimore, everyone sweating and jumping and smiling and high-fiving. DC, however, did not bring the party. Perhaps it was the off-the-beaten-path space that not many out-of-towners could find? Perhaps it was the large population of very sober under-agers? perhaps no one in DC cares about having a really awesome time? I, on the other hand, along with the Jian-ator, pushed our way to the front (which was not difficult given the small number of kidz there). At the beginning of the show I stopped doing air punches for a second to snap a pick of the crowd, which at the time, i couldn't really see. Much to my horror, this awful picture is what was uploaded onto my computer yesterday (Besides just being an awful picture... my flash is broken :o( ):

Are you alive, DC? No one is even SMILING. Fortunately, the adorable duo had enough energy and giggles to go around. They tried everything to get the energy up. Standing on chairs, telling hilarious stories, playing in the complete dark (!) Matt even tried crowdsurfing, but after about three seconds in the air exclaimed "ummm, I think I might actually fall, can you guys just put me down!?!" I loved the show either way. Jian and I both received high-fives from Kim. What more could we ask for?

I took a whole roll of pictures with my action sampler. I will post those today or tomorrow.

The Raveonettes landed on the opposite end of the spectrum. The show was sold out (good thing i bought tickets in JANUARY (nerrrrrrd)). It was completely packed with people who read the Post Express ("Oh, the Raveonettes show was recommended! Who are they? Who cares!") . Sharin and Sune were completely detached from the audience. Most of the time it sounded like they just pressed play on a compilation they had made earlier that day of all of their own songs. They did not play Heartbreak Stroll. They did not play Chain Gang. They did not play New York Was Great. They DID play Attack of the Ghost Riders, Twilight, My Tornado, and Love in a Trashcan. It was an okay show, but for superfans like Mo and Myself, it was a little underwhelming. Also... OF COURSE Sharin was wearing a fabulous dress. Where do they all come from!?

I didn't take any pictures of this show. I had a headache from the 10% brew at The Reef:

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Expression of Autism

Amanda Bragg is an artist living with severe Autism. She has created an amazing video where she documents some of her tics and her eccentricities. Amanda doesn't speak, but uses a machine that transcribes what she types into a very mechanical voice. Through this program, she explains her feelings about autism and public reactions to her and people who share her disease. It's incredible how aware she is of everything around her, every stimulation and every emotion, probably more so than the average person. Take a look:


Tonight is going to be a pretty exhausting night. Matt & Kim are playing at the Bobby Fisher Memorial Bulding (Borf Building) and The Raveonettes are playing at Black Cat. Somehow I am making both shows and then finding my way to R&R Hotel to hang out with NRCOF and friends for the rest of the evening. About 4 years ago when the Raveonettes came to the Black Cat, there was harldly anyone there. Morgan, Ty and I were in a small group at the front doing the pony and the hippy-shake, our dance moves not bothered by any large crowds. There were even teenagers shouting at them that they suck. Look how far they have come! Just last year at the Rock & Roll Hotel, when it was only Sune and Sharin on stage, it was packed. So grab your dancin shoes and your wayfarers and go grab a ticket early, to avoid the stress of maybe not making it into this wonderful show.

The Raveonettes "Dead Sound" Video, one of my favorite songs off of Lust Lust Lust:

Here is a superfun video of the smiley duo, Matt & Kim, singing their hit "Yeah, Yeah":

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Happy Birthday To The Female Elvis!

Happy Birthday to the late Janis Martin, one of the original queens of rockabilly and a truly awesome chick. Janis passed away only last year and was a totally rockin broad 'til the end. Check out this hot granny:

Wine & Wigs

Every third Wednesday of the month, L'Enfant on 18th Street hosts a "Wine & Wigs" (or Bonnets) night with half price glasses of wine. We welcomed Chantal back to the States by getting unexpectedly drunk and swapping stories and networking (shudder). There were some really wonderful Easter Bonnets and a few proud wig wearers. The company was wonderful, the wait staff was not. The past two times we have gone to L'Enfant, this one woman waits on our table and is literally the WORST. She fancys herself quite the waitress, but the wait for everything is pretty ridiculous. Here are a few pictures from our lovely evening (please note Melissa's amazing hat):

"The Printer is Broken!"

My desk sits adjacent to the Marketing Room printer. This, unfortunately, makes me the point of contact for printing queries and complaints. I have a few things to say about all of your "printing troubles".

"Why is it printing wrong!!!?"
-It is not printing wrong. It is printing what you tell it to print. Maybe take a few more seconds to go into the printer properties and choose the settings you would like so your document prints how you would like it to. The printer cannot read minds and it most certainly doesn't decide that it wants to print something wrong just to piss you off.

"The Printer is Broken!?!?!?"
-The error sign may be blinking, but the good thing about modern printers is that there is a dialogue screen that TELLS YOU WHAT TO DO TO FIX THE PROBLEM. And no, it doesn't JUST mean that you need to load more paper. So don't just stare at it blankly... read the screen maybe? And if there is a jam, don't get mad. This new printer will take you through the steps to fix it and, so far for me, it has been a breeze to fix every time.

-Do not print labels from the normal paper tray. They will get stuck in the machine because you also forgot to change the paper type.

"My Document Didn't Print!?!?"
-If you have printed color from this printer even once, you KNOW that you have to come back to the printer and select which type of paper you would like to use on the dialogue screen. Your document didn't print because you can't follow directions. Or the person who printed before you didn't follow directions. In that case, you are in the queue and your stuff will come out in a second so be patient for christs sake.

-I am very tired of having to take care of peoples print jobs. Just because I sit near the printer DOESN'T MEAN THAT IT IS MY JOB TO CARE ABOUT YOUR PRINTING ISSUES. I am more than happy to help, but when time after time you make the same mistake, it gets A LITTLE FRUSTRATING.

To sum up your issues with this printer: You would not have any issues if you would just PAY ATTENTION.

Things Change

In the spirit of the Raveonettes playing the Black Cat this Saturday, I wanted to share with you pre-Raveonettes Sune Rose Wagner. Sune was the founding member of the Danish Rock/Grunge band Psyched Up Janis, who somehow released 5 albums between 1994 and 1999. Do you think they really loved Kurt Cobain and also Korn? This video makes me more then a little nostalgic (During the summer of 1998, Cari Hyatt and I summoned the ghost of Kurt Cobain with a Ouija board in my basement). Behold, Sune Rose Wagner and Psyched Up Janis:

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Fashion Inspiration

I am obviously going through a bow phase. See below Scarf-as-Bow. Love it! (The weather will still be chilly for a bit, must must try)

image pulled from wardrobe remix group on flickr

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


A recent purchase from Paraphernalia, a highly reccomended store:

Paraphernalia carries some really wonderful necklaces (like the one above) and other accessories. More from their store:

"We at Paraphernalia design beauteous and wholesome accroutements for both Ladies and Gentlemen.We are much inspired by both vintage illustrations and 19th century magicians. We also enjoy the odd, the unusual, the uncanny and the bizarre, in all the aspects of beauty."
-Paraphernalia (don't you like saying it PARAPHERNALIA)

New Projects - From Enderby Nest

Mad props to Meg of Enderby Nest for her new Treadbanger "Decor It Yourself" video blog! I have this next project on my to-do list for my days off next week:

you can befriend Meg and Enderby on Myspace at

or visit more fashion and decor DIYs at

Earl Scruggs and Doc Watson

Monday, March 24, 2008

Fashion Inspiration

Pulled from Facehunter. Socks matching shirt exactly, barely peeking out from under pants. Could socks be the most underrated accessory of all time? Must change!

Making It Work

Even though my apartment is tiny, I try to take advantage of as much wall space as i can. I have collected some interesting things that I am very proud of. Observe:

This is my "bedroom" wall. A painting of ballet slippers by my great grandmother on my mother's side that i framed myself. A stitched "Sagitarius" poster that i found at a Raleigh, NC flea market in 2002. A wooden mother and baby owl that I found with Melissa last year at a second hand store in Takoma Park. A stained-glass window my mom gave me for my 23rd birthday. A pen & ink shoe that i drew (part of a series I made for each of my girl friends for college graduation). A portrait of my dad and his brother fishing, painted by my grandmother. A Paul Klee print representing my love of the Bauhaus. Two prints i found on that were beautiful. Here are my special owls:

Last month I found this Peruvian (believed- however, its very similar to the Columbian Mola, just not patterned) piece at Pixies on 18th Street with Liz:

If anyone can tell me more about this panel, please let me know!

Meet Peep Elvis

This image is from the Washington Post peep diorama contest.

More finalists here:

Science According to Dave

Dave Clifford knows a lot about stuff and things. He also knows a lot about science. I hereby bestow upon you, Science According to Dave, a new new column in my new shitty blog that is based on the knowledge of Mr. Clifford.

There was a story run by NPR a few months back comparing evangelical religious Americans with religious groups in other developed nations. American's were the most religious (with the highest number of "born-again" Christians or evangelical Christians), yet at the same time the least knowledgable about other religions. Basically, the average religious American is blindly following something they know little about AND refusing to see any other way, often forcing their own beliefs onto others. Why would they do this?


So it turns out that people have a serotonin release when they prove other people wrong based on ignoring their argument. Let's say I love Jesus and you say "X Y and Z are why Jesus is more complex than ABC" And I say "Well, ABC is all that really matters, and we can ignore XYZ because of D". I would ACTUALLY GET HIGH. Evangelical christians (and those with strong opinions) are essentially addicts. Your brain is set up in a manner to encourage you to reject arguments you disagree with. Think about it from a survival perspective, like poisonous plants for example. It's the same feeling that we get during exercise. Increase in heart rate (brought on by arguing) = release of endorphins = feeling of being high.

it's science.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Chiptunes in Philly

I thought i would never make it to philly. The stars were against me actually leaving but i did, at 5:30 pm, when i thought I-95 would be at a standstill from Easter travellers. Not only was the ride smooth and traffic-free, but it was super enjoyable. A bright sunny day, snacks, musics and only 2.5 hours in the car. I was one of the first people at the show (i had to search for it, finally finding a sign with some arrows taped to the ground directing me to venue). Cheap Dinosars was taking a smoke break when i got there, talked to him for a second, let me know he was up after this film clip they were playing. Thanks, nice to meet you. Upon entering, there was a table of free food that someone's parents or friend had made for all the kidz at the show. Adorable.

Cheap Dinosaurs is a Philly 8-bit guy with a synth and gameboy. Animal Style is another Philly guy with a guitar, 8-bit fuzz pedal, nanoloop, famitracker and custom SNES foot controller. Glomag, Nullsleep, Bitshifter and Bubblyfish are all huge NYC chiptune people. I could not stop smiling. and dancing. TRY to stand still during March of the Nucleotides. Got home around 2pm. Worth every second of trying to not fall asleep.

To read more about chiptune music try these links: