Thursday, June 25, 2009

Snack Attack

(photo credit Josh Yospyn)

Saw these two at Irvine Gallery last friday. I was trying to explain to Melissa and Dave how this couple has been to every art opening I have ever been to in DC AND Virginia, specifically for the snacks. Now do you guys believe me? Feel free to read the following (outdated) article on Keren and Alexander and their insatiable hunger for finger foods:

The first half of this post makes for a perfect segue to another topic of discussion. Keep an eye out for the most passionate and groundbreaking documentary you've ever seen (opposite), arriving at E street July 3rd. It just so happens to feature two characters not unlike (but not really that similar, they both just happen to be old and surrounded by art) our own Keren and Alexander.
The only difference is that Herb & Dorothy actually buy things and care, in general.


jenn said...

Awesome story and I can't wait to see the Herb and Dorothy movie. The city paper article did make the point that Keren and Alexander buy quite a bit of art. I suppose it's the homeless-like foraging that makes us think they're too poor. We should go to art openings! - to track them down and for *ahem* the food.

Don't Say I Didn't said...

they do buy art, but it is no Christo or anything. sigh. i appreciate them and hope to be just like them someday.