Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Beautiful and Scenic Laurel, MD

Sike. Laurel had to have been the worst "Historic District" i have ever been to. The stores were all closed at 4:00 on a saturday. This ended up not really making a difference to Liz and myself. We would have been pissed if we needed fax machines from 1997, vaccums or a travel agent, these stores essentially being the only types of retail on Main street. There was also a meat store? With a huge plastic cow and chicken out front? We ate lunch at this cute pizza place at the top of Main Street, which would have been pleasant if there wasn't a drunk guy slouched in the booth directly next to us staring, mouth agape, at liz, while the autistic kid sitting too close to the television and yelling everything the announcer was saying (just in case we couldn't hear) was staring at me and clapping. I can safely say that it was the single most awkward lunch I have ever experienced.

It wouldn't have been worth the trip had i not found amazing clothes. These will be going on etsy as soon as i get them photographed on one of my lovely models.


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