Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Fall

Last night at E street cinema, I had the opportunity to see a screening of The Fall, a new film from director Tarsem Singh (The Cell). The movie takes place in a Los Angeles hospital in 1915. Little Alexandria (break-out child actress Catinca Untaru) is an incredibly loveable, imaginative, and completely precious patient who, like fellow patient and hollywood stunt man Roy Walker (Lee Pace of Pushing Daisies), is recovering from the ailments of a recent fall. Alexandria's curiosity leads her to Roy's hospital room, quickly becoming attached to his seemingly trustworthy demeanor and his "epic tale of revenge".

Each shot is a work of art; the black-and-white of the opening scene, the dusty lighting of the 1915 hospital rooms, the saturated colors of their imaginations. It was quirky without being cheesy, it was smart but accessible, it was witty and funny and adorable and infinitely sad. And the costumes!!! Without giving too much away, I beg you to go see this movie. It won't let you down.

Please go see this movie.

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valerie said...

this is my new favorite movie