Thursday, May 8, 2008

William Lamsom

William Lamsom's self portraits of himself as a part of the American landscape, Me In America (2004-2006) are direct, witty, and full of character. Here are two examples (below). To see the rest of the series, click:

"In September of 2004, while I was driving around America working on a project called Encounter, I began photographing myself in the landscape as a means of activating the photographic process when no other subjects presented themselves. This artistic exercise opened the door to a new way of making work that completely changed my photographic practice. I went from being an observer, trained by my interest in the American landscape photographers of the last half century, to a photographic collaborator, physically engaging with the landscape as a form of creative play. The series consists of images in which I am either performing an activity dictated in part by the location, or attempting to become part of the scene by assuming an inanimate form. In both cases, I conceal my face to emphasize the physicality of my body and its relationship to the landscape. Although this project began as an exercise, the playfulness, experimentation and sense of humor that emerged from it has come to represent the new way that I approach my work."
-William Lamsom

For more of Lamsom's photographs, visit his webpage

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