Thursday, August 7, 2008

DIY Fancy Headwear

Last weekend I attended a colonial themed going-away shindig for the lovely miss Emily Kirkpatrick. She needed a party favor that wasn't a tricorner hat or an awful wig, something that screamed feminine "colonial chic" (bahaha), and also something BIG enough to make her stand out from the crowd. I found a cloth headband at target, some fake flowers and feather at my local craft store (i added a fake bird later - wish i had taken a photo) and used some yarn that I already had at home. I simply cut the flowers at the length I wanted and wrapped the yarn around and around (and around) until the whole headband was covered and each flower was firmly in place. If you are going to use your headband more than a couple times, I would reccomend some fabric or hot glue action so everything is completely secure. Aaannnnd voila!:

The whole thing took about 30 minutes. So quick and so easy!

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