Friday, August 29, 2008

You Lose

Everyone loses. Everyone EXCEPT those proud few at the Velvet Lounge Ear Pwr show.

They were the cutest things I have ever seen. One with a huge red afro, cut-off shorts and a blowhorn, the other a tiny platinum blonde with sunglasses and awesome dance moves. They were set up on the floor which allowed hugs to be given out to audience members more easily. Their song are mostly about pretty normal stuff, like waterparks and airplanes, with the words "cowabunga" and "ice cold" thrown in for good measure. Their sound was INCREDIBLY infectious, mixing serious synth beats with loud talking, and even had the stiffest DC crowd moving (well, more than usual. but seriously, whats up with that, dc!? shake whatcho momma gave ya, for once!). Basically, all of you totally messed up. You should have been there. NEXT TIME.

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