Sunday, August 24, 2008

Making the Neighborhood a More Colorful Place

Tim is a local community arts activist and an all around good dude. Up until this year (under the label "Dynamite Printworks"), Tim adorned otherwise bland electrical boxes, trash bins and sign posts with beautifully silkscreened posters for local bands that could be seen all over the heights and mt. pleasant. After an extended stay in Mexico with his fiance working with local Oaxacan kids and teens to make their world a more colorful place, Tim came back to the city and taught a mural painting class at a local arts center. The kids initially took photographs of the faces of their own NW neighborhood, asking "what does Columbia Heights mean to you?", then selected a few of the best and painted them onto a wall outside Harriet Tubman elementary school on Park Rd. If you are ever walking to Wonderland or Red Rocks, please feel free to admire the work done by his class:

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