Friday, October 17, 2008

Drink Up Buttercup

Last Friday night at Iota we gleefully welcomed Middle Distance Runner back from their extended hiatus. It was a pretty cozy evening. Having New Rock Church of Fire on the bill guaranteed that friendship, old acquaintances and hugs would be in abundance. The outcome of having a fun night was inevitable, but there was one huge surprise.

The out-of-towners opening for both local bands weren't your run-of-the-mill filler act. They were GREAT. Drink Up Buttercup is a quartet from Philadelphia who's major influences, according to them, include "artificial orange flavoring, conical shaped party hats, disguise able sized alcohol containers, the gratuitous use of markers, the sound of something wood hitting something steel, plastic, porcelain, paper based, skin related, and or something else wooden, yard sales + the mere termites of life." Their sound is a whimsical mix of Animal Collective, A Band of Bees, the Beatles , and at times even remind me a bit of local DC favorites, Greenland. Blend all of these together, drink some whiskey and eat some mushrooms while walking through a carnival fun house (not recomended) and you've got Drink Up Buttercup.

These boys will not only be performing at CMJ this year, but will be in DC on November 1st at the Black Cat with Bishop Allen. I highly recommend checking these gents out.

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