Thursday, October 2, 2008

Please Don't Go Girl....

....But I HAVE to go! That's right, I have free suite tickets for tonight's New Kids on the Block concert. Let's hope their joints don't swell up while they are attempting their poorly choreographed dance moves. Let's also hope that they don't play many new songs. "Why? " you might ask "I hear they have some fresh material". Well, friends, peep THIS monstrosity:

On that note, I depart. Tomorrow I will give you a full briefing of what happened at the show.

P.S. yes, i am aware that I chose NKOTB over the VP debates, but you KNOW it'll be all over the internets tomorrow. NO WORRIES, I have thought this through.

1 comment:

Nest said...

um, i totally went too. i actually WON tickets to the madison square garden show. i'e never won anything and am so glad the first was nkotb. it was amazing.