Wednesday, February 25, 2009

2 New Musics!

Hello all! I have 2 new musics that i would like to share. Both of these are new releases that were out this week... yesterday, actually.

The first FIRST is the new Black Lips album, 200 Million Thousand. to be honest, I downloaded it at work just now and haven't been able to REALLY give it a solid listen, but from what i can barely hear (no headphones fail) It sounds like they MIGHT be growing up a wee bit. Don't worry, they are still total dirtbags, but their sound seems to have been tidied up a bit, while still leaving dust in the corners and pee stains on the rug. take a listen:

The second is from an artist that I've been MEANING to tell you about, i swear! That is, if you haven't heard of him already (I've been listening to old country records on repeat and haven't really been paying attention to anything else). Wavves is one dude, Nathan Williams, out of California, whose tracks pull inspiration from an array of sounds, a la Replacements, Monsters, Sonic Youth and more recent influences like Liars, Xiu Xiu and Japanther. I must advise you to please download his self titled album:

both of these will be summer staples (the summer dreaming has OFFICIALLY BEGUN)

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