Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bored of Trade

For the past month or so, I've been planning this EVENT THING. It's called Bored of Trade, the title concieved not at the power strategy meeting over coffee as planned, but later that night. It's something I am planning to throw 3 or 4 times a year, hopefully finding a solid group of really amazing, top quality vendors to permanently join this retail collective. Long term goals include SAVING MONEY and molding this wee collective into an actual store.

There is an amazing artist that will be involved in future Bored of Trade events, Victor Aguilar (the right brain behind the flyer). He has been such a help and can't wait to see what his own art collective, Taupe, creates to sell. Also on board are some fellow etsy-ers. Jenn of Jules & Juniper re-purposes vintage jewlery. She is currently extending her knowledge of metal craft at the Corcoran. Meagan of Sister Sadie brings her experience working at Junction on U Street to show us a great collection of vintage. Kristin of FeatherBrain, a new etsy friend, creates beautiful feathered headwear. Chandi of Manatea Party brings her keen eye and her sense of humor to her home decor and her collection of vintage clothes. Tim of Dynamite Printworks is a Mount Pleasant and Columbia Heights community staple. His silk screens bleed local love.

I have a good feeling in my little heart that this is going to be a pretty great event. With the growing attendee list, however, my basement is beginning to look increasingly small.

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