Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Internet Does It Again

This is the worst thing/most hilariously depressing thing
I have seen today... maybe even this week.

Do you wish it were easier to remember each and every (most likely horrific, depending on who you ask) detail of the love-making in which you partake? Do you wish you could keep a calendar of when you had sex, run charts and reports? Document how long it lasted and how lovely it was, on a scale of 1-5 stars? Even TAG your entry, so it is easier to search for "hairy" or "sweaty" or "hilarious" interactions and realize with unfortunate clarity just how many of those interactions you have had? Do you really want to completely remove enjoyment, spontaneity, and the ability to FORGET said love-making? Do you also spend too much time on the Internet, want your lover to hate you, and have no personality?

Then is perfect for you! Honestly, the only logical reason anyone should use this is when they are trying to get pregnant. Are you SERIOUS?!

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