Monday, March 24, 2008

Making It Work

Even though my apartment is tiny, I try to take advantage of as much wall space as i can. I have collected some interesting things that I am very proud of. Observe:

This is my "bedroom" wall. A painting of ballet slippers by my great grandmother on my mother's side that i framed myself. A stitched "Sagitarius" poster that i found at a Raleigh, NC flea market in 2002. A wooden mother and baby owl that I found with Melissa last year at a second hand store in Takoma Park. A stained-glass window my mom gave me for my 23rd birthday. A pen & ink shoe that i drew (part of a series I made for each of my girl friends for college graduation). A portrait of my dad and his brother fishing, painted by my grandmother. A Paul Klee print representing my love of the Bauhaus. Two prints i found on that were beautiful. Here are my special owls:

Last month I found this Peruvian (believed- however, its very similar to the Columbian Mola, just not patterned) piece at Pixies on 18th Street with Liz:

If anyone can tell me more about this panel, please let me know!

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