Saturday, March 29, 2008


Tonight is going to be a pretty exhausting night. Matt & Kim are playing at the Bobby Fisher Memorial Bulding (Borf Building) and The Raveonettes are playing at Black Cat. Somehow I am making both shows and then finding my way to R&R Hotel to hang out with NRCOF and friends for the rest of the evening. About 4 years ago when the Raveonettes came to the Black Cat, there was harldly anyone there. Morgan, Ty and I were in a small group at the front doing the pony and the hippy-shake, our dance moves not bothered by any large crowds. There were even teenagers shouting at them that they suck. Look how far they have come! Just last year at the Rock & Roll Hotel, when it was only Sune and Sharin on stage, it was packed. So grab your dancin shoes and your wayfarers and go grab a ticket early, to avoid the stress of maybe not making it into this wonderful show.

The Raveonettes "Dead Sound" Video, one of my favorite songs off of Lust Lust Lust:

Here is a superfun video of the smiley duo, Matt & Kim, singing their hit "Yeah, Yeah":

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