Thursday, March 27, 2008

"The Printer is Broken!"

My desk sits adjacent to the Marketing Room printer. This, unfortunately, makes me the point of contact for printing queries and complaints. I have a few things to say about all of your "printing troubles".

"Why is it printing wrong!!!?"
-It is not printing wrong. It is printing what you tell it to print. Maybe take a few more seconds to go into the printer properties and choose the settings you would like so your document prints how you would like it to. The printer cannot read minds and it most certainly doesn't decide that it wants to print something wrong just to piss you off.

"The Printer is Broken!?!?!?"
-The error sign may be blinking, but the good thing about modern printers is that there is a dialogue screen that TELLS YOU WHAT TO DO TO FIX THE PROBLEM. And no, it doesn't JUST mean that you need to load more paper. So don't just stare at it blankly... read the screen maybe? And if there is a jam, don't get mad. This new printer will take you through the steps to fix it and, so far for me, it has been a breeze to fix every time.

-Do not print labels from the normal paper tray. They will get stuck in the machine because you also forgot to change the paper type.

"My Document Didn't Print!?!?"
-If you have printed color from this printer even once, you KNOW that you have to come back to the printer and select which type of paper you would like to use on the dialogue screen. Your document didn't print because you can't follow directions. Or the person who printed before you didn't follow directions. In that case, you are in the queue and your stuff will come out in a second so be patient for christs sake.

-I am very tired of having to take care of peoples print jobs. Just because I sit near the printer DOESN'T MEAN THAT IT IS MY JOB TO CARE ABOUT YOUR PRINTING ISSUES. I am more than happy to help, but when time after time you make the same mistake, it gets A LITTLE FRUSTRATING.

To sum up your issues with this printer: You would not have any issues if you would just PAY ATTENTION.

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