Monday, April 7, 2008


We arrive at the hotel around 11pm. It was a short walk from Penn Station, shorter and more convenient than i could have imagined. We roll our luggage into the lobby, greeted by people with great haircuts and even better shoes. There is art and random doo-dads everywhere in this place, hanging from the ceiling, the walls, and posted on the floor. Each piece of furniture is completely different. "We ran out of single rooms so we are going to put you guys in a suite... room 611". The room could be easily overlooked, a tiny piece of paper with the number 611 scratched in pen and stuck to the door with some scotch tape. The lack of a proper door number was not actually a sign of how our room(s) would look. There was an ENTRANCE HALLWAY. Walk straight ahead and there was a common area with a fireplace, a huge chaise lounge and small windows/doors that opened to the balcony. Outside and to the left was the big neon sign, "Hotel Chealsea". Back inside and to the right was a bedroom with access to the balcony, a huge bathroom, closet and an egg chair. Behind was a kitchenette with cabinets, a table and two chairs, a sink and a mini-fridge. Left of the entrance hallway was a bar/kitchenette that led to the master suite with another chaise, a huge bed, beautiful bathroom and large bay windows. "This must be a joke". "We are never leaving".

see (link to the right) for more NY photos.